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HSC-1000V and HSC-1000H
Ultra portable, battery operated PalmTop scanner for vet or human use.
- Comparable for online remote scanning
- Monitor 5 inch TFT LCD
- Scanning depth 192mm
- Resolution lateral 3mm, axial 2mm (at 80mm depth)
- Outputs: Mouse, Video printer, USB 2.0
- Waterproof 2.5/3.5/5.0MHz mechanical sector probe
- 2 Rechargable Lithium Polymer batteries, cont. working time over 2h per battery.
- Software automatically calculates birth dates for humans and various animals from small Cats to Horses
- Weight 0.8Kg
- Permanent internal image storage 128 frames
- Comes complete with Aluminium carry case, 2 Lithium batteries, 100-250V Charger, 2.5/3.5/5.0MHz probe,
  shoulder/wrist bag, full software package and manual

Warranty 18 Months
Price (RRP 0%GST) $2,995AUD

Dr.Austin comments
Dr. Austin, Plaza Medical Center,
Kalgoorlie, Western Australia

"HSC-2500 is producing surprisingly good quality image.
If I would be obstetrician travelling around,
I wouldn't mind to have one of these"

Portable, 110-250V operated full digital fold up scanner for both, vet and human use
- Switch easily between Vet and Human interface.
- Easy to navigate on-sreen menus and pop-up help hints.
- Comparable for online remote scanning
- Monitor 10 inch LCD colour SVGA
- Scanning depth 3-240mm, Blind zone less than 3mm with standard 3.5MHz convex probe
- Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI)
- Internal hard drive for over 50.000 images and videos
- 2 probe sockets with auto-detection, wide range of available probes
- Automatic report generation, abundant software packages for full clinic applications such as abdominal,
  obstetric, gynecology, cardiology, urology, small parts, etc
- Outputs: External monitor, printer, USB memory stick, USB PC connection cable, DICOM 3.0, 2x USB ports
- Software automatically calculates birth dates for humans and various animals from small Cats to Horses
- Weight 10.4Kg, Size Width 315mm, Height 253mm, Lenght 353mm
- Comes complete with 2.0/3.5/4,0/5.0MHz multifrequency convex probe, USB cable, power cable, 4GB USB memory stick, software CD and manual.
- Options: Canon mono laser printer, Trolley cart, Acupuncture braket and needle

Optional probes available;
 5,0/6,5/7,5/10,0 MHZ multi-frequency Linear
 5,0/6,5/7,5/8,0 MHz multi-frequency Transvaginal
 2,0/3,5/4,0/5,0 MHz multi-frequency Micro-convex
 5,0/6,5/7,5/10,0 MHz multi-frequency Endorectal
 5,0/6,5/7,5/10,0 MHz multi-frequency Rectal (vet)

Warranty 18 Months
Price (RRP 0%GST) $3,995AUD

DP-6800 (NEW from Promed Ltd)
On top of our own products, we sell and service scanners from Promed Ltd in European region.
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