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Hoover Industries is a small family business, located in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia and Hyvinkaa Finland and we are specialised in;

10y Major inspections and services for EWP's
and Mobile Cranes

We carry out periodical annual and 10 yearly Major Inspections for all types of EWP's and Mobile cranes.
Jack Hoover has over 20y experience from Design, Manufacturing, Servicing and Certifying
Elevating Work Platforms and Mobile Cranes in compliance with AS.1418 and AS.2550.

We have the latest Ultrasound testing equipment in-house which will give you substantial savings
by reducing need to pull everything apart for crack testing as well as making inspection process faster.

Our inspections and services are available all around Goldfields Region (and beyond) and our fully equipped
service van is minesite compliant. Meets also BHP Billiton FRCP protocol.
Manufacturing Medical Ultrasound Scanners

We are also manufacturing medical Ultrasound Scanners from imported and locally made parts.

Currently there are two models in production, HSC-1000V and HSC-2500 Omni.
HSC-1000V is robust, battery operated hand held field scanner which is popular amongst sheep farmers.
HSC-2500 Omni is portable, high resolution scanner with wide selection of probes for Vet as well as human use.

Both scanners are designed to be reliable work horses for often harsh environment.
Image quality is equivalent with previous generation high end scanners, yet prices are very reasonable.

I guess you can call these "no frills" scanners as they lack some of latest features, but outside of our standard range
we can build tailor made scanner for you with all the functions you will need (colour doppler, Realtime 3D, etc).

Have a look at our "Products" page for details.

This part of our business is non-profit by nature. Another words, all profit from scanner sales has been forwarded to
help small, local communities with their healthcare needs. Our first donated scanner was given to CareFlight in NSW.

22.07.2009 Hoover Industries donated the first Ultrasound scanner
to CareFlight in NSW

In the picture Dr.Alan Garner, Medical Director from Careflight
with their new HSC-1000 ultrasound scanner which is used in
ambulance helicopter. Being light weight and single hand operated
it suits well for this purpose.

Also we are collecting experience from this area and developing our
HSC-1000 serie further.

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